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Commercial Washing Machines is owned by Laundry Solutions Australia.

We are the importer & distributor of the premium range of IPSO Laundry Equipment and have been helping businesses with their laundry equipment needs for over 30 years. The IPSO range of products are built by the largest producer of Commercial Washing Machines & Dryers in the world.

Product Catalogue

ePay Cashless Payment Systems Now Available

Laundry Solutions Australia now offers a cashless payment option for all vended laundry equipment! The Paypont ePay system offers a cost effective solution to cashless payment methods. Costs to install a Paypont cashless payment system in your laundry are approximately 70% less than a Tap and Go system. Using PayPal as the payment portal, Paypont offers the highest level of security to ensure your earnings are protected. There are also a range of added benefits such as Coin Counting Functionality, Remote Vending Functionality, Customer Insights, Instant Notifications and a Branded Store Web Page. 

Tap and Go System
  • At least 3 Parties Involved
  • Device cost: $600-900+gst per machine (excluding installation)
  • Merchant Setup Fee: $350
  • Installation Fee: High
  • Tap and Go enabled
  • Monthly Fee: $10 per machine
  • Merchant Facility Fee: $35 per month
  • Transaction Fee: 17c + 4% + Merchant Fee
  • High friction to setup
  • No branded store web page
  • No customer insights
  • Difficult to setup customer loyalty programs
  • No coin counting functionality
  • No remote machine start functionality