Accessible Housing Laundry For Unison

Unison Community Housing provides affordable housing opportunities to the community who may be at risk of homelessness and those who have low income and are looking for an affordable rental. They have a vision of providing communities that thrive and are doing so by managing over 2550 properties across Melbourne’s North and Western suburbs. These properties range from small houses to larger multi-storey apartment buildings.

Not only do they provide affordable housing to those in need, they also actively engage and support the community through events and partnerships while ensuring messages of support and encouragement.

In 2022 Laundry Solutions Australia secured a tender with Unison to replace their existing laundry equipment across many of their multi-tenant properties throughout the Melbourne Suburbs. The replacement schedule was carried over a period of a few months working closely with each of the house supervisors and once removed, the equipment was disposed of safely and economically.

Throughout the process a number of residents expressed thorough joy in knowing they were getting new washers and dryers after using their current, aging equipment for some time.

Our technicians were able to show the curious residents how to operate the machines and the residents were pleased to know that the machines were easy and straightforward to use.

Our partnership with Unison to provide easy to use, quality laundry equipment to all their residents is one we aim to preserve for years to come.